How to operate the soya bean oil press machine easily?

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soya bean oil press machine

Soya bean oil press machine is simple and high-performance, since the reform and opening up, the people, self-reliance and hard work, and gradually realize the country's industrial, agricultural, national defense and modern science and technology, vertical hydraulic press in the country to become rich at the same time, We are not only in the quality of products and services, the ability to continuously improve the research, to explore not stop our ability to innovate and improve the research and development capabilities, and achieved good results in the quality of products and services, not only in the quality of products and services, Of the results.
 Soya bean oil press machine equipment, a wide range of press, peanuts, soybeans, rapeseed, cottonseed, flax, walnut, almond and other oil crops can be pressed, and oil extraction equipment of good quality, long life, gear box gear can choose steel Gear, this accessories more durable, the use of 8-10 years are not easy to damage, health and good environment, oil quality, production is relatively high, belonging to a whole machine, easy to operate.
As the root diameter of soya bean oil press machine is gradually increased, the pitch is gradually reduced, so when the screw rotation, the thread can be expected to push forward the embryo, but also flip out, while close to the surface of the screw thread material layer As the press shaft rotates. So that each of the particles in the briquette are not equal velocity, the same direction of movement, but also in the particles between the relative motion. The heat generated by friction to meet the oil extraction process operation on the necessary heat, help to promote the material embryo protein thermal denaturation, destruction of the colloid, an increase of plasticity, but also reduce the viscosity of some easy to precipitate oil, and thus Improve the oil press out the oil rate, so that the material in the oil squeezed out, and from the row of row gap and the row of the gap out of the know, soya bean oil press machine such a structure we know how to clean up these parts of oil press grease.
Our factory has been guided by the market, business-oriented, all-round drive high-tech innovation in the highly competitive market makes our automatic oil press has achieved good results, superior performance to win in the old-fashioned equipment , In the homogenization of the times, under the same conditions, how to operate better, select the good performance of the oil press equipment is the key to each soya bean oil press machine manufacturers based on the industry, with excellent performance so that customers use more assured.

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