Gongyi Jintai small oil press machine usage considerations

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small oil press machine

Small oil press machine for the different materials, different oil quality, using the squeeze of course, is also different, no matter what material, peanut or soybean matter whether, after sunflower oil press, the impact of non-geographical climate, can be widely applied Peanut, rapeseed, soybean, sesame, sunflower, flax, mountain seed, cottonseed, walnut, and so most of the oil crop crushing, crushing stability, oil yield greatly increased.
Small oil press machine equipment before work, room temperature should be maintained at 15 ~ 20 ℃, the temperature is too low will affect the oil yield and oil quality, oil extraction before the tools ready to facilitate feeding, oil, remove impurities, dredge the hopper and Clean up the machine, check the transmission and lubrication system to ensure flexible rotation, adequate lubrication, oil into the moisture content before the press should be appropriate to open the device to empty the first operation, the operation found screaming, percussion or other abnormal Phenomenon, should immediately stop overhaul until the machine is running stable. The small oil press machine is not only a more efficient production process, but it also makes our production process more efficient and energy-saving, which is very much in line with our modern Social development standards and requirements, so this is to become a major feature of it.
Followed by the use of small oil press machine for oil extraction, some of its by-products can also be processed into other products, and general equipment for processing by-products, often can only serve as some official feed for these applications are significant Reduced.
Small oil press machine is the oil press and oil press are required to use the professional equipment, can work smoothly for the oil squeezing to make the greatest contribution. For the oil mill and press mill, in fact, buy small oil press machine is a very good choice, because it is much cheaper, will give the oil mill and oil press to reduce the cost of capital pressure.
According to the market price, small oil press machine and large oil press, the price is probably in the large oil press 30 percent. For smaller presses and pressrooms, the most sensible option is to purchase such an oil press.
Our company has various types of high-quality small oil press machine equipment, such as multi-functional, small, fully automatic oil press and many other efficient equipment, production equipment, with perfect technology, through our production department of continuous innovation and R & D, , The company's equipment working group will be the first time to share with you the latest high-quality oil extraction equipment.

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