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Automatic oil press machine

Cold city because of our automatic oil press machine equipment and warm, our company is a multi-year production of oil extraction equipment manufacturer, is the oil industry veteran well-known enterprises, the company after the market and technological innovation, completely out of the old oil mill backward state , So that science and technology into the oil press a new era, completely out of the old-fashioned equipment backward, so that science and technology into the oil press a new era, choose modern automatic oil press machine machinery, will accomplish your career.
Our production of automatic oil press machine equipment, there are a variety of advantages, the use of existing materials processing, the introduction of our oil extraction machinery, the acquisition of various oil, processing and selling machinery and equipment placed in the vegetable market, downtown, supermarket entrance or residents gather Area and other places on-site oil extraction, fresh oil, authentic, fragrant attractive, non-chemical agents, the user sent the oil, so that they directly involved in the entire process, so that the real process, Very practical.
Because the speed of automatic oil press machine is the press screw and press the diameter of the match, the general smaller oil press, the screw speed of 100-200 per minute turn, large and medium-sized automatic oil press machine is to keep the screw speed per minute in the 30-50 , That is, low speed press, low productivity, long squeezing time, the oil rate will be higher.
The cake circle is generally 0.5-1.5 mm or so, the gap is large, the pressure is small, will affect the oil rate, but the size of the gap should have a certain limit, if the gap is too small, can cause high pressure, oil scorch, , Plug and other accidents.
In the oil crops into the press before the oil mill should be allowed to idle for 3-5 minutes, then the cake or a small amount of raw material feed, the purpose is to increase the temperature by friction fried chamber, at the same time should be observed and adjusted out Cake gap.
automatic oil press machine should not feed uneven, so that the oil press load suddenly rose, causing blockage. General body temperature can be 60 degrees Celsius oil. Proper use of oil press equipment, the need for oil press equipment model, performance, characteristics, as well as the principles of oil press have to understand!
Our company with its sophisticated equipment automatic oil press machine, first-class technology, automatic oil press constantly upgrading, greatly enhance the scientific and technological content, equipment, vacuum oil filter, oil quality, clean health, low power, high output, the oil High rate of the characteristics of the company at the same time for the customer to provide one-stop service free of charge to solve the gifted, so to buy automatic oil press machine equipment preferred our company, you trusted.

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