Sunflower seed oil press machine reliable performance and advanced technology

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Sunflower seed oil press machine

Now sunflower seed oil press machine has entered the white-hot stage, if you want to use the original methods and equipment to win the market is difficult, the community manufacturers in the progress of the pace of progress with the community to adapt to the needs of users, and the current sunflower seed oil press machine production line is also very stable development , In the original production process to ensure that the equipment using the lowest power consumption, the use of new technology to be able to ensure that after the equipment more efficiency.
Sunflower seed oil press machine equipment, the principle of squeezing the physical squeeze, oil into the oil press equipment after the temperature with the help of high-intensity pressure extrusion, destruction of oil crops in the oil-bearing cells to achieve the purpose of the oil, the internal temperature control device used Is inside and outside the heating ring heating, automatic temperature control temperature control, are in the best press temperature to complete the press nowadays fashionable equipment, the oil rate, oil quality, superior performance equipment is subject to oil extraction consumers welcome.
From the oil side, the oil moisture content of the improper, too dry or too wet, will run the phenomenon of running slag, oil is too wet, the row of rows run check for the chip, the cake is a soft hand grip into a lump, White foam. If the oil is too dry, the row of slag for the powder, the cake white powder into the oil, poor oil flow, squeeze the chamber should be less oil gap, that is, when some of the more important row of equipment, the last one Hit the hand with a hammer, squeeze the 100 row of the press squeeze the mother should be tightened, sunflower seed oil press machine pressed soybean oil back when the oil phenomenon: the existence of oil in the hopper, for squeezing soybeans, little return oil, because Back to the oil is a high oil content of oil when the phenomenon is easy to produce. Row spacing is too small: (that is, the row of the tight), the application of mat to adjust the gap row, if the 100 press, in addition to adjusting the row of the gap, but also to relax the wire to suppress the mother, Oil clearance.
With the continuous development of sunflower seed oil press machine, in the quality of certification to do to improve, there is a good improvement in the future of technology to do in the pursuit of improvement in the nature of the power to create progress for customers to achieve the most perfect value, the most unique R & D Market to promote our high-quality quality, do a good market research and development, open up the future market to strengthen, to meet production needs.

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