Hydraulic sesame oil press machine has brought great benefits

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Hydraulic sesame oil press machine

In recent years, with the development of science and technology, China's oil extraction industry presents a prosperous scene, which hydraulic sesame oil press machine equipment market is a good thing, as a common oil press equipment, machinery industry has always been the most widely used Equipment, hydraulic sesame oil press machine for a wider range of broken, high efficiency, superior performance, able to keep up with the needs of our vast number of consumers, by customers of all ages.
The hydraulic system is the power source of hydraulic sesame oil press machine pressing oil crops. It has transmission shaft, turbine, worm, low pressure gear pump, high pressure pump, low pressure relief valve, high pressure safety valve, pressure relief valve, precision seamless steel pipe and hydraulic pipe joint. Parts. hydraulic sesame oil press machine using the world's advanced hydraulic pump station, South Korea three plunger pump optimization, compared with the domestic two-piston pump speed, pressure, high oil temperature, the oil temperature is above 65 degrees without cooling device, sustainable jobs. The system is a guarantee of high oil yield.
Electrical system is the advanced machine, all use of automatic control, easy to operate, no special requirements for the operator, easy to learn, especially for the majority of farmers friends. The system uses advanced electrical appliances, automatic control system, by the motor, voltmeter, temperature control table, pressure gauges, power supply components such as insurance.
In the market economy Pinbo and development, hydraulic sesame oil press machine in the industry has a high reputation and enjoy a good reputation, a wide range of crushing oil, the main oil crops can be squeezed include: peanuts, rapeseed, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, Soybean oil, peanut oil, soybean oil is the world's most widely consumed edible oil, we introduced the equipment mature, complete model, in terms of technology and the use of a great improvement.
From the overall situation of oil extraction industry development prospects, technological innovation is the first of each hydraulic sesame oil press machine manufacturers to solve the primary problem, we introduced the hydraulic sesame oil press machine manufacturers continue to adhere to the reform and innovation to efficient technology and performance to return to the customer, the application Is very extensive, so that the majority of the people's living standards have gradually increased, but also led to the rapid development of oil extraction industry, has created remarkable achievements.

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