Soybean oil press machine can get healthy edible oil

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Soybean oil press machine

Soybean oil press machine equipment in line with a good green food equipment, food safety issues are now more and more attention, especially eating edible oil problems, people's health awareness gradually increased, to eat something a little unambiguous, some people in order to eat to be assured Safe and healthy edible oil, buy their own soybean oil press machine oil, self-sufficiency, there are many types of oil press, such as soybean oil press machine, spiral, fully automatic, has added an option for customers, so that consumers choose the scope of the more The larger.
Soybean oil press machine equipment is a kind of continuous use of a wide range of oil extraction equipment, with a simple structure, small size, the oil rate is high, easy to operate and so on, each screw has a certain screw pitch and screw depth, and an axis of each The screw thread is gradually reduced from the inlet to the discharge port, the screw depth is gradually reduced, so that the volume of the pressing chamber is gradually reduced from the inlet to the outlet, the blank enters into the press chamber and is pushed along the extruded screw to the exit, The pressure gradually increased, which will be squeezed out of the oil, cylindrical squeeze cage between the pressing and pressing the gap between the installation of oil to form the oil gap, the extrusion of the oil that flows through this gap.
Soybean oil press machine in the crushing process does not destroy the organic ingredients of oil, the cake of the secondary value of high, wide range of applications, such as some food processing enterprises to do walnut powder, almond, peanut oil can do part of the reduction or re-processing Other food, so the oil rate there is a certain requirement, hydraulic press adjust the different pressures can control the oil rate, for these enterprises will be more suitable; this other oil press can not be achieved, the pressing Oil machine in the oil squeeze process due to mechanical friction to produce high temperature, oil in the oil during the oil will be lost, which for the direct sale of cake also caused a certain loss (with hydraulic press cake moisture content of 10% , Need to use soybean oil press machine cake moisture content of only 2-3%).
Our factory also produces automatic oil press machine, after pressing the other raw materials need to use oil, and noise, the machine uses a direct filter, no cleaning oil noise is low, the production process does not add any chemical raw materials, in line with green food standards, Equipment using a screw extrusion, resulting in high temperature, so that lower oil nutrition, no heating, no loss, the oil rate adjustable, well received by consumers.

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