how to solve the problem of the sesame oil press machine suction pump has no suction malfunction

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sesame oil press machine

Sesame oil press machine in use, may be due to improper use of the customer or the sushi machine maintenance of adverse, sesame oil press machine may have different fault problems.Today, Jintai will give you 5 tips:
    First, if the oil press machine is used for too long, the deposit attached to the inlet valve and cause the valve does not close.It should be close to the oil inlet valve.If the oil pressure is too high, replace the new oil or release the old oil filter and clean the oil inlet valve; if the fuel tank due to lack of fuel caused by the oil tank to add enough; if the pump is not a vacuum, you can pull out a small piston, .
    Second, the pump pressure is not enough. If the valve is dirty or poor sealing, can be demolished to be ground after grinding, to close; if the oil inlet valve plug valve seat and poor contact, but also removable and washable after grinding to Tight; if the oil press machine into and out of oil between the plug and the seat of the poor contact or not tighten the oil can be caused by grinding oil into the nausea stuffing plug and valve seat to close or tighten the plug; if the small piston And the pump after grinding along the gap is too large, you should replace the new sesame oil press machine pump.
   Third, the sesame oil press machine cylinder and piston oil leakage.If the bowl upside down due to the wrong way, should be the correct way to re-install the bowl; if the cup rupture damage, we replace the cup.
   Fourth, if the surface of the sesame oil press machine, you can use alcohol scrub. Do not touch the part of the material with special oil scrub. Sesame oil press machine cylinder at the time of the factory has a good lubrication, so you try not to open the cylinder or add any lubricants, careful damage caused by the cylinder.
   Fifth, the fuel tank to keep clean, about three months to clean the tank, and replace the new oil, or remove the filter out of the box before use, oil impurities will wear the pump, resulting in blocked oil, affecting machine performance.
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