Brief introduction of Jintai company small vehicle oil press

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small vehicle oil press

Brief introduction of Jintai company small vehicle oil press

Small oil machine produced by Jintai company is a powerful technology, advanced oil equipment, this machine has compact structure, less occupied site, the transmission system adopts the full closed door safe operation. Small press I produced by directional pressure, multi-stage oil extracting, the oil rate is particularly high, the squeezed out of the machine product color is pleasant, clear and transparent, long-term placement does not precipitate, completely conforms to the standards for edible oil.
The characteristics of small car oil machine 1 the machine, reasonable motor, dynamic balance correction and special low noise bearing precision, make the motor run more smoothly. By using the helical gear reduction gear, it can effectively reduce the energy consumption and achieve the goal of high efficiency and energy saving. 2 assembly heating system is advanced, according to the environment automatically adjust the temperature of each part of the press for heating and heating to achieve rapid oil oil refining effect. 3 vehicle press by multistage press, increasing the pressure, to strengthen the degree of multistage propulsion, crushing raw materials, improve the oil yield. 4 the vulnerable parts are made of carburizing steel with high strength, toughness, low temperature impact toughness, wear resistance and long service life. After 5 pressingchamber lengthened, increasing the pressure, expand crushing space, re calculate the adjustment screw pitch, improve scientific speed, reduce the resistance and improve the processing capacity, again pressing the net, out the same type of product oil was significantly higher than that of other brands.
Press the working principle of vehicle
Small oil machine produced by our company belongs to the spiral type oil press equipment, mainly composed of a hopper, spiral pressing rod, pressing chamber and the operation panel of four parts. We will deal with the filtered oil demand hot pressed oil should be heated into hopper, and then start the press, you can enter the oil pressing chamber. Oil through the screw rod to rotate to push forward, to press. Because the oil is in the state of motion under the press of the squeezing chamber, the great frictional resistance generated between oil and oil pressing rod, and pressing chamber, so that the friction caused by the relative motion between the oil. Small car press, on the other hand, the pressing rod diameter gradually increased, and gradually reduce the pitch, so when the pressing rod rotates, pushing oil constantly to move forward, and can be turned outwards. Because of the variable diameter spiral pressing rod rotates in the squeezing chamber of each pellet embryo speed range, but the move in the same direction, so the oil also exists between the relative motion, relative motion between the oil and the heat generated by friction and meet the required oil process of heat, helps promote protein heat in oil degeneration, increased plasticity, and reduce the oil viscosity to oils in precipitation, thus increasing the oil press oil yield, the squeezed oil in the oil, and flows out from the oil outlet, complete oil extraction process.
60 type oil press screw diameter: 60MM screw speed: 48r/min power with the host: 2.2KW vacuum pump: 0.55KW heater: 2.2KW capacity: 30-80kg/h weight: 680kg
70 type vehicle oil press screw diameter: 70MM screw speed: 38r/min power with the host: 2.2KW vacuum pump: 0.55KW heater: 2.2KW capacity: 30-80kg/h weight: 680kg

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