Widely used oil press machine nowadays has a new condition

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oil press machine

Weoil press machine manufacturers in the fierce market competition, seriously consider the influence of the brand, our products have an impact on customers to meet customer demand for edible oil oil press machine and industrial upgrading requirements, tailored to customers at the same time Technically we have in the same industry to maintain the leading position for customers to create greater value.
Oil press machine equipment oil extraction performance, the oil rate is high, mastered the oil press core technology, so the country's top technology in our manufacturers, our products out of the oil rate, performance, and now the basic combination of steel Gear, for the export of cone, the use of 8-10 years are not easy to bad, are 20 chromium manganese titanium material, with high strength and toughness, the hopper inside the size of the bevel gear is steel, the motor is all copper , Longer life, the selection of high quality oil crops, and the oil crops to clean up, shelling, crushing and steaming fried, these steps on the oil crop processing is necessary.
As China's urbanization, infrastructure and other industries continue to accelerate the process of industrialization and stimulate market demand, as a professional manufacturer of oil press machine, deeply aware that only innovation, in the production and use of the process, to play a huge advantage, Has been insisting on technological innovation and reform, to make it more efficient, environmentally friendly production services to customers, our business has been the development of the goal.
Oil press machine equipment mainly by the electrical control, automatic heating, adjustment, transmission and vacuum filter oil and other components, screw from the alloy steel by carburizing treatment to enhance the surface hardness and wear resistance, squeeze row grind through the surface grinder to ensure that the oil line Precision, improve the oil rate, distribution, vacuum, automatic heating and other standard components, the choice of well-known brands, optimize the machine configuration, the machine surface with stainless steel and chrome-plated, in line with food hygiene standards to a unique automatic temperature control system, Equipment operation is more simple, a higher degree of automation to achieve a true sense of the filter press one, to improve the oil extraction equipment, the degree of automation.
Our oil press machine sales price is absolutely acceptable to all users, in terms of quality and absolute guarantee, wearing parts of the material hundred percent real thing, to ensure that each time out of the equipment sales are to achieve the best results, to the user Bring the greatest economic benefits, in the face of so many advantages, do not invest in the purchase of what are you waiting for?

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