How to maintain the sunflower oil cold press machine?

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Any device accessories are all life, the normal operation of the equipment in order to bring benefits to us, so we need regular maintenance and repair. Then sunflower oil cold press machine bolts of how life is long maintenance Gongyi Jintai following give us a brief talk about?
Sunflower oil cold press machine is the main component, and the pressing screw is also good quality and general points, the pressing screw through life is usually how much oil processing to calculate, based on 100-type screw press Case , the general quality of life in the pressing screw 30 kilograms -40 kilograms; the quality of life in the best pressing screw 40 kilograms -50 kilograms. So say a sub-price goods, equipment prices high is a certain reason. But usually pay attention to maintenance and maintenance can extend the life of the sunflower oil cold press machine.
Maintenance of sunflower oil cold press machine:
1, should be to have regular professional production technology press manufacturers, to buy high-quality cold press machine virgin material, thereby ensuring pressing bolts to maximize value.
2, cold press machine pressing screw in use, avoid stones and other impurities in oil with, so pressing screw damage in use, affecting their life.
3, when cold press machine starts, to be gradually feeding, avoid rapid feed, resulting in extra virgin oil press oil press due to the feed axis card caused the death of pressing bolts blocked can not rotate.
1, cold press machine after working every 50 hours of lubrication should be checked.
2, cold press machine work for three months or four months later, once maintenance. Maintenance projects are: pressing adjustment screw shaft and concentric situation virgin bore; wear checks pressing bolts, cage bars and a cake ring and other wearing parts.
3, pressing screw wear occurs in the last three buckle threaded affect productivity when worn, replace new. Cage bars worn into a circular shape, make virgin bore pressure is reduced. The wear volume of 2 mm can be changed using the face, it will have to be replaced with new after both sides wear.
4, after the cold press machine class work, the machine should be removed biscuit, avoid sunflower seed oil cold press machine with a residue on the impact of oil extraction the next boot.
These are the experiences of care and maintenance cold press machine Gongyi Jintai press based on years of production and use of summary, I hope to give customers help. If you have any good idea, feel free to contact us and we communicate with each other to learn the cold press machine together.

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