With shell peanut can press oil in the peanut oil press machine?

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peanut oil press machine

Peanut oil press machine in pressed peanut oil and need to put peanut pulling off the shell, then select clean, and then into the oil press machine, so the pressed oil is clean and clear, now more and more people like to eat peanut oil, so starting edible oil processing plant more and more, many friends who want to open edible oil processing plant will have a doubt, pressed peanut oil is with shell or peel shell squeezed.

The difference between peanut with shell press and without shell press oil in oil yield, under normal circumstances, the peanut oil yield of 50 pounds per hundred pounds peanut, peanut oil press oil rate and peanut oil have a significant relationship, the full extent of peanut and dry is also a key decision the rate of oil, so that our usual peanut oil yield can reach about two pounds a pound of peanut oil, but this refers to the shelling of peanut, then what is the rate of with shell peanut oil, press with peanut shell oil rate per hundred pounds to 40 pounds oil, because the peanut shell itself is also have a weight, and in the press process, peanut shell adsorption will be a small amount of oil, so the shell squeezed oil rate is a bit lower.

Based on the above introduction, believe everybody on the peanut oil press have further understanding, hope to help some friends of the oil industry.


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