Oil extracting machine used for cold and hot press

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oil extracting machine

We Jintai oil extracting machine manufacturers can be used for both cold press and hot press, but both methods are squeezing what difference does it make? Oil extracting machine hot pressing process is as follows:
Hot pressing: a rapeseed clean up--soften a flaking steaming and roasting a pressing operation Description: rapeseed choose Size 30 mesh / inch mesh screening that rapeseed containing impurities less than 0.5%, then to soften, after softening rapeseed moisture content of about 9%, and then rolling embryo, steaming and roasting, steaming and roasting so that the oil temperature of 110-120 degrees, which is about the moisture content of l-1.5%, they can be pressed into the oil extracting machine. Such as the use of a cylindrical pot, rapeseed through to the complex after cleaning can go directly into the cylinder wok or flaking can be flat-bottomed wok.
However, when Broiling added 2-3% water, Scoop 110 a 120 degrees, which can pan the oil extracting machine. You can use the following method to determine whether rapeseed fried hot pressing. Rub rapeseed with two pieces of wood, if the shell kernels separated into yellow kernels as appropriate, if it is too dry powder into the kernel, if not separated from the shell and kernel too wet.
Cold-pressed oil production process. Usually oil extracting machine cold pressing method at a temperature below 60 ℃ environment for processing, to retain the most complete nutrition. Since cold pressing method of oil extraction rate is only half the heat pressing method, so most cold pressed higher price of oil extraction heat about 50%. The cold-pressed oil out because there was no damage, generally do not need additive, can long-term storage. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, more and more people of all ages in terms of edible oil cold pressed. Cold pressed oil is entering the press prior to the oil extracting machine without heating or low temperature state, press into the oil extracting machine. The oil extracted low temperature, acid value is low, generally do not need refining, after precipitation and filtration to obtain refined oil.
Jintai oil extracting machine cold-pressed process is as follows:
Cold-pressed: rapeseed can also be cold pressed, cold-pressed rapeseed will clean up to the complex, can be added to l-2% water, so that rapeseed softened, softened flaking, no flaking can also enter the oil extracting machine ago, (but flaking after the press can improve oil extracting machine performance) cold-pressed rapeseed moisture content will directly affect the efficiency of the oil, it is judged that the wet fuel is critical, usually pressed into rapeseed control the moisture content of 5-8%, with the level of indigenous determine moisture content of rapeseed, rapeseed can be used nails look crowded if a sound, and is divided into two, as the moisture content of oil out of the right, as if powder loaded the less moisture content is too dry, if a flat shape, the high moisture content is too wet.

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