Do you have a home mini oil mill?

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home mini oil mill

home mini oil mill is now gradually popular of domestic oil press machine, home press points for screw oil press and hydraulic oil press machine, a miniature hydraulic 6YZ-150 is my company produces the minimum hydraulic oil press each press 2 kg of oil seeds, is ideal for family prioduct oil.
home mini oil mill is specifically for foreign large pastures and garden design of multifunctional press, because foreign special living form, making there are a lot of family needs to buy a lot of necessities of life in a shopping, cooking oil is essential to life, so the home mini oil mill will be our company design and technical personnel design, the dimension of the oil extraction machine is 400*500*850mm, weight 250 kg, can be placed in any corner of the kitchen, common household voltage can meet the oil press. Deserves special instructions to a consumer, the home mini oil mill production of edible oil, only need 8 minutes, 8 minutes will be able to squeeze out a healthy, green and environmental protection and edible oil without any additives, this is really a wonderful thing.
From now people of edible oil's health concern extent, every family to buy a home mini oil mill really is a very good idea, because every day we have to eat edible oil made out of food, every meal meal we have to more or less eat edible oil, if at home with a production using some press will be a very happy thing.

Our company specializes in manufacturing all kinds of press machine, large-scale oil press, small oil press, screw oil press, hydraulic press, peanut oil press, sesame oil press, sunflower oil machine, the olive oil press machine, flax oil press, palm oil mill, coconut oil press, welcome all customers come to buy.


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