How should we buy small oil mill machine?

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How should we buy smalloil mill machine? Purchasing small oil press machine belongs to a certain person a business investment actual sex. Many customers do not come into contact with oil extraction machine business, do not know how to buy a small automatic screw type oil mill machine, some people due to the heavy lessons and imprudent to pay money. This problem often encountered is part of the user should choose what kind of small oil mill machine, a kind of small oil press machine can get a high oil output yield? What is the oil press machine quality assurance system? What kind of oil press machine factory is reliable, what kind of oil press machine factory can offer service good? This is a question a lot of new customers to buy small oil mill machine encounter following Gongyi Jintai cooling oil press machine making manufacturers to you a few suggestions.
With the development of e-commerce, some small automatic oil mill machine manufacturing factory opened in online sales platform that allows users to press a better understanding of their own products, sold their products for both cold and hot oil milling machine in the cause of people turn to get rich Road. We buy online to note the following points:
First: from Web sites and other information platform seeking for professional oil press machine manufacturers which has truly factory and workshop to understand the basic situation. For example, we need to know how the oil mill machine work, how to get higher oil output yield and what kind of oil crops the oil mill machine can be used for. This step can not only help us to get to know the machine, but also to prove that the factory we find has a good knowledge of cooking oil pressing machine.
Second: Select a few more reliable oil mill company, and then given one to two manufacturers.
Third: the basic situation of the manufacturers say hello, address, telephone number, travel routes, the basic price range.
Fourth: field trips There are many important information can be implemented and verified.
Fifth: watch oil mill manufacturers certificate is complete
Sixth: To determine the manufacturer to sell the product after, remember to sign a purchase and sale contract products, determine product quality and after-sale time, so even if there is a problem in the future negotiation covering the oil mill machine.
The above points are a novice should pay attention to the problem, we must buy a small oil mill machine to select cost-effective, quality assured, service good small oil press machine manufacturers.

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