Press oil equipment comprises a spiral feeding machine?

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spiral feeding machine

In oil production process, in order to realize the automatic production process, screw feeding machine is an indispensable auxiliary equipment
Spiral feeding machine use: the machine is used for vertical, horizontal, inclined or short distance transportation of materials, and at the same time with the mixing function. Screw conveyor is mainly used for conveying powder, granular and small pieces of materials, such as plastic ceramic talc powder, additives, chemical raw materials, etc..
Spiral feeding machine features: 1.the spiral feeder can enhance a variety of powder particle material, feed box and the packing auger are stainless steel made; 2, a feeding motor, a motor each switch control vibration amplitude can be adjusted. The whole spiral can be convenient for dismounting and cleaning. 3, the machine has the automatic feeding, automatic stop 4, between the screw and barrel and silo easily disassembled; barrel is arranged at the lower end of the valve and reversing switch, convenient cleaning; 5, silo with vibrating motor, so that the material easily and automatically enters the spiral.
Spiral feeding machine working principle: full automatic feeding machine plastic processing auxiliary, powdery, granular plastic raw materials directly automatic conveying to hopper. The material is completely free from pollution in the process of transportation, and can not bring any foreign matter into the whole process of production.
Spiral feeding machine function: the spiral conveyor generally adopts the horizontal or inclined upward transportation mode, mainly by the front bearing complete.
Spiral feeding machine characteristics: the working angle of the conveyor, as a general rule, screw machine in power, pitch, speed, material density and filling coefficient of the same condition. Productivity decreased with the increase of the working angle and a nonlinear. Considering the overall structure of the equipment and the requirement of the productivity of the screw machine, the working angle of the screw machine is kept at about 45 degrees.


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