Oil extractor machine widely applied (2)

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oil extractor machine

Today we will go on to introduce the oil crops that can be pressed by the oil extractor machine.
7. Rice Bran
It is a byproduct of rice processing, each capable of processing a 100kg rice bran 5-8kg. Rice bran oil 14% -24%. Rice bran cereal as "nutritional oil", has significantly reduced serum cholesterol effect.
It is noteworthy that the general rice bran contains 3.5% to 7% of the rice germ, rice germ and high oil content itself, about 25% to 37%, can be used for food purposes or oil alone.
8. camellia
Camellia oil is one of the woody southern China specialty pressed by oil extractor machine. India, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries have grown. Camellia seed shell, containing 50% -72% kernel, whole dry seed oil 30% -40%, kernel oil in 40% -60% protein 8% -9%. Camellia oil belongs to the non-drying oil, contain large amounts of unsaturated fatty acids, is good medicine, nutrition edible oil.
9. tung tree seeds
Tung abound in our country, it is a woody oil plants. Tung oil is a famous specialty, traditional export products, is widely used in industry.
10. The Chinese tallow tree seeds
Tallow is also our specialty and it is pressed by the hydraulic type oil extractor machine. After the Chinese tallow tree seeds can be processed to give two oils: the outer layer of tallow oil (also known as the peel oil) and benevolence in Azusa fat (also known as green oil). Mixing the two is called the press to obtain oil wood oil. Asparagus seeds contain 35% to 43% wax, wax, tallow fat containing 70% -75%, including kernel rate of 28% -33%, kernel oil in 58% -62%, about 40% of the entire oil seeds -53%. Jiu Zi oil and grease are industrial oil.
11. The oil palm fruit
Also known as palm oil widely pressed by hydraulic oil extractor machine in Malaysia and India area, palm belongs to perennial woody oil. Oil palm fruits including fresh fruit meat (dry oil 45% -50%) and palm kernel (dry base containing 48% -55%) in two parts, known as "King of the world's oil," said.
Palm kernel oil contains 80% saturated fatty acids, skin oil also contains more than 50% saturated fatty acids, both of which are semi-solid fat, good stability, high smoke point, good storage and a high nutritional value. Palm kernel is preparing cacao butter, margarine quality raw materials. Liquid palm oil is good for frying oils.
12. pepper seed
Pepper seeds contain a lot xanthoxylin, pepper alkali and a lot of protein, and contains many trace elements potassium and manganese. Pepper seed oil extractor machine can be used as edible oil or industrial oil, high potassium content and contains a variety of amino acids. Regular consumption of black pepper oil makes hair without loss, protect teeth, improve vision and prevent skin ruffling, Lee five internal organs, lower cholesterol, anti-cancer, anti-cancer and other effects. A higher rate of prickly ash seed oil, pepper seed kernel residue after oil extraction can be processed into flour or processed into protein feed additives, pepper seed shell can be processed into organic fertilizer. No pollution.
13. Corn germ
Corn germ is corn sprouts, where the most nutritious. If the new corn on the most intuitive and can squeeze that part. 70% of the nutrients are in there! First mention of corn germ, corn germ oil extractor machine take.

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