How to use and maintain vegetable seed oil extractor machine?

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seed oil extractor machine

Nowadays the main oil press machine we manufactured has vegetable seeds oil extractor machine, automatic oil press machine, small type oil mill machine, and new type oil press machine. And today we will introduce the vegetable seed oil extractor machine, which is low price, high oil yield and saving energy, and can be the most advanced oil pressing equipment.
Part A. How to use the vegetable seed oil extractor machine
Before we start the machine, we need to have a reliability test of the safety balve. And adjust the safety valve to working pressure and continuously test 5 times.
1.We need to read the temperature of the different oil crops to control the temperature and the moisture of the material.
2.When we begin to press the oil crops by this vegetable seed oil extractor machine, we need to put the pan to the lowest place and loose the nut of the flexible trolley. Then pull of the flowing pin.
3.When the vegetable seed oil extractor machine is pressing the material, the material should be pressed with a equal press power.
Part B. How to maintain the vegetable seed oil extractor machine?
(1) Open the oil return valve, the oil will automatically flow back into the fuel tank, the piston automatically fall, you can unload pressed.
(2) handle and pump coupling pin, we need often to add oil to reduce wear to make sure the vegetable seed oil extractor machine working smoothly.
(3) the use of vegetable seed oil extractor machine should be installed indoors, avoid outdoor wind and rain, causing rust and cooking oil pollution. Now on its use of knowledge introduced as follows:
(4) within the tank to be kept clean after every three months or so to clean the tank, and replaced with new oil, or pull out the oil tank filter before use.
(5) having a pressure test when we are using the vegetable seed oil extractor machine, test using a pressure of 1.25 times the working pressure, check the piston out to the maximum working stroke, the regulator for 15 minutes, the pressure gauge reading should not exceed 4% decline in the value of the test pressure ; all the oil should be no leakage phenomenon; after all removable pressure, pressure gauge pointer back to the "0" bit, the part should be no damage, the rod may not have significant deformation, no moving parts wiring. Impurities within the oil will cause oil pump wear and blockage of press work.
(6) working pressure gauge pointer is found not go back to zero, should promptly check, repair, or replacement the key part of the vegetable seed oil extractor machine.
(7) Long-term parking, it should wipe the machine, oiled, and cover shield.
(8) before the pump test, before adding clean machine oil or vegetable oil in the tank, the upper and lower movable handle pressure, to see whether the press piston rises. Cake successively loaded virgin bore, the rod will flow back in situ fixed, pre-press to see first oil lasts, return of the piston, the remaining cake loaded official press .
(9) when we press the high oil content oil crops by the vegetable seed oil extractor machine, the first time press should press with low pressure and then change to high pressure when the oil comes out.

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