The fault may occur in screw press oil machine and exclusion method

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Screw press oil machine for pressing soybean, rapeseed, cottonseed, peanut, sesame etc.. But due to various reasons, sometimes the machine may just press a little oil, or even can press oil, such as faults, then we shall timely eliminate the oil press possible failures. Next, we will look at the problems will appear in the oil press and troubleshooting methods.
1, Oil press machine suddenly stopped running, the screw shaft stops working
A new oil press machine must through patient and meticulous test machine in order to ease to use.
When oil press for oil squeezing process, put oil crops in the oil press, sometimes put too much, sometimes put less, cause blockage , pressing chamber is blocked oil. Therefore, the feeding should be continuous and uniform. If there is a fault, should immediately shut off the power, close feed adjusting plate, stop feeding, and open discharge plate, open the screw shaft. And then remove the bore of oil, re start squeezing.

2.Oil press machine can't extrusion oil or the oil output rate is too low.
Possible reasons: moisture inappropriate, damp moldy, seed material is not full, too many impurities. Need to re clean raw materials.
Oil discharge slit is blocked or oil tight pressing bar installation. Should be based on the level of oil, adjust the tightness of the pressing strip.
Press start working, the pressing chamber temperature is low, cake too thin or too thick, parts wear will cause no oil or oil rate is too low.

3, too much oil impurities
Possible reasons: the individual pressing strip bending or clearance is too large.

Jintai oil press company to remind you: in the operation of the machine, must follow the instructions.

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