What is the advantages of small oil press machine?

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small oil press

What is the advantages of small oil press machine?
Gongyi Jintai small oil press machine is the earliest automatic oil press machine in China, and it can heat the material, press, and refine the oil within one machine, and can let the automatic come true. As we all know, there is a requirement about the temperature when we are roasting the material, or press the oil, even refine the oil. But this small oil mill machine has a automatic temperature control system and can make the operation easier. In order to let the healthy cooking oil can be eat by all of you, to meet the market requirements, here we Gongyi Jintai make a special machine for small capacity oil making machine, and this small oil press machine can be used for sesame, peanut, rapeseed, flax seed, sunflower seed and other oil crops.
So compared with other large oil making machine, what is the advantages of small oil press machine?
1.This kind of small type oil press machine is 2 phase electric and can be a flexible oil press machine in the market.
2.Compared with the traditional equipment, the oil output yield of this small oil press machine increase 4-6%, that means, if you press 50kg peanut, then you can get more 2-3kg oil with this machine.
3.Energy saving. Compared with the traditional machine, this machine can save 40% power  with equal capacity. We can calculate the cost of electrical as 6 kw per hour, then we can save 30 CNY per day.
4.Saving labor. Operating this small oil press machine just need 1-2 person and this machine can save the labor costing.
5.Widely applied. This machine can be used for more than 20 kinds of oil crops, such as peanut/groundnut, sesame, rapeseed, flax seed, walnut and so on. What’s more, this machine can press out all the oil because it is multistage press machine.
6.Can get purity cooking oil. This machine is including the vacuum oil refining system and can refine the crude oil to make the oil cleaner.
7.No matter you are in north or south, and no matter it is in summer or in winter, the small oil press machine can well applied the temperature. Because the small oil press machine has a temperature control system and it can adjust the temperature to apply the environment. So this machine can work smoothly within any temperature.
8.This small type oil press machine is the most advanced machine in China. The material all use international standard steel and the design is reasonable. The installation is very easy and the outlook is beautiful. What’s more, the using life is much more longer than the general type oil mill.
Here we offer the parameter of oil yield, cake thickness and the pressed cake residual oil rate of common oil crops for your reference:

oil crops oil yield (%) cake thickness (mm) oil residual rate (%)
  sesame         42-55      1.0-1.5 ≤5
peanut kernel 40-50 0.5-2.0 ≤6
rapeseed 32-42 0.8-1.8 ≤6
sunflower seed 35-45 1.0-1.5 ≤6
soybean 16-22 0.8-1.5 ≤5
corn 30-40 0.5-2.0 ≤5
cotton seed 11-25 1.0-2.0 ≤6
walnut 42-52 0.8-1.5 ≤6
flax 32-38 1.0-1.8 ≤6
tea seed 26-38 1.0-2.0 ≤6


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